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Monday, 2 January 2012

New products lined up for new year 2012.

Assalamualaikum and salam vanilla to all vanilla fans, how's your new year? how do you start your new year? hope that we all will be getting more and more good stuff and blessings of Allah, the creator, so that we will always be in accordance to His path.

As to welcome the new year, i am expanding from making halal vanilla extract to perfumeries section for the love of vanilla beans, and now i want to share something new with all vanilla fans in Malaysia.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fida Vanilla is proud to bring all vanilla fans in malaysia, Vanilla perfume for men & women, there will be in total 12 different vanilla perfume variations, which varies from the sophisticated professional vanilla scent to the gourmet series of vanilla fragrance you like to eat and have been dreaming to fragrant your day.

 This perfume is rm15.00 each for a bottle of 3ml, the silver is for men, and metalic pink is for women. If you want to purchase both men & women, the total price will be rm25.00, free delivery for malaysia only until 31st January 2012. If you're interested in getting a pair for yourself & your loved one, just email me at for the payment process, or you can reach me at my page Fida Vanilla - Vanilla Beans

On top of that, Fida Vanilla will also introduce whipped body butter along with the vanilla fragrance that you will be adouring, not just smells delicious, it moisturizes your skin, Insyaallah will get rid of your stretch marks or scars(as my strech mark is also gradually disappering, my personal experience), and it can also be used as a massage oil.

So, sit back & relax, enjoy the dish from Fida Vanilla,
Happy Vanilla,
From Fida Vanilla.

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