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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nurul Homemade Ice cream

Assalamualaikum dan salam vanilla dari Fida Vanilla. Setelah lama bercuti, kini saya mula kembali membuat entry on my blog. On my language.... Sungguhlah bercampur....
You probably wonder why my topic for today is 'NURUL HOMEMADE ICE CREAM'. Sebenarnya, i buat this entry a shout out ( is that what you call it? ) for nurul, one of my loyal customer.
Nurul and her hubby started up an ice cream business, & they are based in tesco melaka. I think you can those infos in their website. Don't you worry, i'll put up the link to them.
Here is the history on how my destiny intertwined with them and becoming my repeating customer. Nurul and her hubby, sorry dear i forget your hubby's name, was among the earliest customers in buying my vanilla extract without any prejudice and testimony. With just basically trust on supporting bumiputera product, she came to pick up the vanilla extract at my place. After a brief yet detailed chat abot vanilla beans and extract at petronas station near here. We parted to our own chores to settle and since then she has been loyal in purchasing my vanilla extracts. Thank you very much for your support, Nurul! I do pray big success for your ice cream business, and your customer will turn to you for the premium halal choice of ice cream!
So vanilla fans from all Malaysia! Whenever you go Melaka, do drop by at Nurul's Homemade Ice Cream ( tesco melaka) for premium halal ice cream to die for! You can still enjoy licking lusciously creamy premium ice cream without any doubt!
as promised this is their link :

And also a picture of their booth:

Till then, assalamualaikum, salam vanilla dari Fida Vanilla. ;-)

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